Going all in with right the people.


When we started surgeviral over 2 years ago, the last thing I was expecting was to be writing a blog on a Friday night in a partially finished office with a sofa bed.

The road of setting this up hasn’t been an easy one, but it sure has been fun. Looking back, we’ve had a few wins & quite a lot of failures along the way. From making bad hires, bad financial decisions, to things that just derailed us and made us lose track of what we’re doing.

A few weeks ago, we started back-tracking these decisions to figure out where we were fundamentally going wrong, and the common theme we found was focus & clarity (or the lack thereof).

To put things into perspective, SurgeViral is a pretty small team. We have around 30 people directly working on related projects. But we also have done angel investing in early stage businesses as well as real estate (Yes, we actually own the land we’re setting up our new office in, stupid I know). Cash flow crunches started happening randomly when we started expanding the team & infrastructure and this is when it hit me, that we’ve spread ourselves way too thin, despite the advice of people who’ve told me not to do this from the get-go. But hey you live and learn.

It's 8:30pm and the team decides to stay over to go through @hubspotacademy #culture #digitalmarketing #surgeviral

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We started selling off our other investments in different startups and started shutting everything down that doesn’t affect the core of what we do, marketing & growth. Even the very few that we’ve severed have helped us regain a massive amount of control.  The goal for the entire year is to regain focus and optimize what we do, rather than trying to help others build.

We moved into a new office recently, after moving from a completely remote team to a physical office. I literally moved into the new place. Yes, this was probably not the most practical decision, but the dorm room experience of literally living in your business 24/7 seems like its just the thing I need to clear my head.

This blog isn’t being written as a “Hey, I’m an entrepreneur listen to me” but more of just a guy trying to build a business & documenting things along the way.

Even though we’ve gone through a few rough patches, we’ve managed to build an absolutely amazing team of people who’ve stuck together & care about the business. People that show up to work in the morning and go home at 3:00 am only to repeat that the following day.

We’re not sure how things will end up in the future, for now, it’s looking good with an amazing culture, ambition & hustle.