Why every business should be on Instagram Stories.


I used to love when content was forever, we’d make a video put it up on YouTube and let time do a lot of the heavy lifting.

remember the good ol’ fashioned indexed content.

YouTube channel "Bhanoob" View count

I’ve gone ahead and attached some data of my personal YouTube channel that has not been updated in the past 2 years (Generating over 4,000/monthly views).

A long time believer in Instagram, I decided to give a shot at stories.

The Story

There really wasn’t a narrative to create, wanted to keep things as raw as possible and ended up recording an ordinary workday, from 12 midnight (ish) to midnight the following day (or somewhere in that vicinity).

The post ended up being 16 episodes long, the day was quite eventful with meetings, more meetings and finally moving into our temp office space. There were 2 takeaways that I got from the whole experience;

  1. Instagram stories are powerful, it lets you document content really fast, without it being spammy.
  2. The team we’ve built is so amazing (You don’t realize what you have till you see the 3:00 am videos).


The Math

We all know that platforms aren’t forever and that the relative value on any social media platform whether it’s facebook or medium changes over time, and as a marketer, it’s your job to figure out when that is to make the jump.

My personal Instagram┬áhas 500-something followers, it’s not a huge audience but a sample size large enough to test with.

I expected the view rate/reach on stories to be something similar to facebook, not exactly similar pages with large audiences where there’s an average 2% organic reach, or 5-6% if you’re running a smaller community. I would’ve been happy with a 5% actually.

Instagram story Analytics


The average 24-hour view rate came to 20%. 4x more than a highly active facebook page audience. Initially, I was under the impression that this was simply because it was my first story and Instagram incentivized the creation of stories by increasing the initial numbers a little bit. But All the content produced right now still fall under that category.

That’s not the best part, ever since I’ve started posting stories the number of followers has gone up by an average of 1 a day to about 10. That’s 1000% growth, of which a high majority of people that are already connected to me on Facebook. The Instagram algorithm is probably designed in a way to create more organic pushes to content creators.


It’s an amazing thing, if you’re putting in the effort to build an organic following on Instagram, we’ll be using this information to work together with clients to see how paid content & promotions affect the outcomes that we’re trying to generate, measure engagement rates and also bring out more definitive data. Hopefully, this content distribution mechanism doesn’t get over-saturated and competitive really soon.