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Tunnel fucking vision

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, 3 months to be exact. I ended up everything on a good note with my weight loss post.

It’s new years eve, I’m sitting at a coffee bean with a bunch of old friends not getting wasted. We did have a glass of wine earlier though.

I’ve always hated the “New year, new me let me make a drastic change in my life on an arbitrary date” game.

But, here’s the thing, if you had asked me what It’d be like a year ago? the answer wouldn’t have been anything close to where I am today. Be it physical, financial or even emotional.

2017 has been an absolute bloodbath, ecstasy pill, and overall rollercoaster. I found out that Surge had an unsustainable business model the hard way, we were on the verge of closing shop. We started more things than we could count and eventually shut them all down. I understood that at the end of the day, it’s all people. Good, bad, complicated or simple, It always came down to people.

There was a complete re-invention, we had to let go to push through. When you start taking attention to detail to heart, things really change.

This is why I’m dedicating 2018 to Surge.

So many people have told me this, I’ve heard this a million times and I thought I had understood it. But this isn’t something that people understand until they’re staring into the abyss.

The last 6 months was an accelerated learning curve. Something where you either learned fast or you fail hard, we did both.
We’ve cleaned up a lot of the places where we went wrong. Embraced transparency, and outcomes over short-term profit.

I have a tendency to lose focus, I also realized that this happens less if I’m publicly accountable. I truly believe the weight loss went through because I was accountable to everyone that came along for the ride (I wanted to save face).

It was about time I started implementing this into every other part of my life. Basecamp (a project management tool we use) has this feature where you broadcast to your team. I use this now to talk to everyone about the business and the goals at least once a week. I use make bold statements and I make sure I try to follow through. This also gives a great opportunity for everyone to engage around business problems.

We went so far as to do this to every client we work with, needless to say, they love it!

The other missing piece of the puzzle was my own content. When it comes to content that I can share, It’s in the form of vlogs & posts (much like this one). I tried making daily vlogs for a while, it was tough. I was forced to make content that wasn’t well thought out due to the sheer pressure of putting something out there. So I figured I’d create more content, but not daily.

So, here I am again looking at starting another year. But this time, for once I know the one thing I want to do.